The control unit

encapsulated for use in wet locations, BG tested (BG = BG Government Safety Organization testing and certification system), committee of experts on electrical ingeneering, testing and certification board, Verification certificate BG-97 055.
Input: 230 V/50 Hz
Output: max. U eff. 2.8 V / 800 mA
protection category: IP 20
The control unit ensures the continued activity of the positive and the negative electrode. It is designed for a wall length up to 200 m. The perfect location for the control unit is directly at the system in order to control the drying process – in the heating or utility room.
The digital display in milliampere allows to control the entire system, as it indicates the current flow. The smaller it is, the drier the brickwork.
The counter of the operating hours informes about the actual operating hours. Thus downtime caused by possible disturbances can be detected

The safety isolating transformer separates the 230 V mains supply circuit from the low voltage circuit in the device.

The gridded electrode (anode)

  • The gridded electrode will be placed at the brickwork directly
    Grid of glass fiber fabric, which is coated with an electrically conductive paint
    25 cm high
    Can be adapted to any wall in lengthThe current is transported by a contact conductor. It is made of conductive material, which will prevent a direct contact of metal cores of high-grade titanium with the brickwork..

The rodded electrode (cathode)

  • Consists of an electrically conductive materialabout 55 cm long with a diameter of 25 mm

    In regard of material both electrodes are balanced that no unwanted electrical voltage can arise. Moreover, their long-term stability is ensured: According to experts report these electrodes, when used with a maximum of six volts like in the WiTRO-wall drainage system, cannot decompose.