simple but effective: The WiTRO-System- The ideal answer for moistured brickwork

WiTRO gets rid of moistured walls permanently. For 20 years the System, based on the electro-osmosis-method, exists.  WiTRO GmbH has optimized it and will demonstrade it to all people interested in it. With the help of a few components the principle of the course of liquids is used: that is how the WiTRO-System works, simple but effective. Never again wallpaper peeling of the wall, mold or other damage at the wall. No need to fear fungi or germs. And on top of all, your heating costs will drop due to dry walls now.

The movement of the water is influenced by an electrical voltage which will be applied. If current flows within an electrical field, it always flows from plus pole to minus pole. 200 years ago first experiments were done in this field. The WiTRO system takes full advantage of its findings. It is environmentally friendly because no chemicals are used. It protects the brickwork by hardly using excavation or construction operations. It is cheaper than other methods because the system must be installed only one time and the power consumption is clear and controllable.

For the WiTRO system only three essential components are needed: a control unit approved by the German government safety organization, an audited gridded electrode (anode) for the positive pole and an audited rodded electrode (cathode) for the negative pole. The anode is placed directly on the affected walls, the cathode will be put into the ground. Through the application of those electrodes the natural electrical field that exists in moistured walls is artificially reversed. The moisture is directed towards the ground to the negative pole. The drying process of the brickwork starts immediately.

The WiTRO-System will be installed by WiTRO`s well trained employees. The company will give a 10 year warranty for the perfect function of the System and will guaranty, that the wall will dry according to the conditions.