Possible applications

With the WiTRO system it is possible to work on almost all types of Brickwork and building structures. Because of the many advantages of this technique – gently, without chemicals and earthworks – it is particularly suitable for use in historic preservation, e.g. churches, monasteries, castles and palaces. Brickwork with a thickness of up to six meters and a length of up to 1,000 meters have already been drained successfully.
Also with success concrete rehabilitations were carried out. For residential and commercial buildings, industrial buildings or bridges the WiTRO system can be used, because also concrete is not safe from moisture penetration. This penetrated moisture then destroys the metal parts in the building material.
It is also possible to drain quarrystone, fieldstone and sandstone brickwork with the WiTRO system. Instead of using a plus pole grid a conductor band is used. This conductor band is put into the jointings and that is how the wall is drained. The possibilities are many and varied – in different circumstances individually tuned!
Please note:
The WiTRO system cannot be used for the prevention of confined water, hillside water, flood water and groundwater!!