Tested and certified

The WiTRO-system complies with ÖNORM B3355-2.(Austrian Standards Institute)

This ÖNORM is applied for measures to existing walls which prevent or limit the rise of capillary moisture. Only process groups, whose mode of action is recognized in science and whose practical applicability has been proven, are considered. Devices, e.g. on Magnetokinese, radio waves, etc., are not treated in this ÖNORM.
Verification certificate 97055 for the control unit (Government Safety Organization)

committee of experts on electrical ingeneering, testing and certification board in Cologne
Test report K96 1472 for anodes and cathodes
National material testing board in Darmstadt, plastics department
Test report 294/2010 electrical resistance, supporting DIN IEC 60167 standard, plastics department in Leipzig
More tests were done for our anodes and cathodes at plastics department in Leipzig, test report 80/96