The installation of the system

  1. Where the gridded electrode is put, the old plaster is removed from the brickwork, (possibly the removal of the entire plaster)
  2. The gridded electrode and the conductor band will be placed along the affected section of wall. The contact conductor is mounted on the grid and affixed with contact plaster.

  1. The electrodes are adapted to the conductivity of the soil and lowered into the ground at appropriate intervals. Drill holes with the cathodes are then filled with conductive paste.

4. The gridded and rodded electrodes are now connected to the control unit. The gridded electrode is coupled via the contact conductor to the positive output of the control unit, the rodded electrode to the negative output.
5. The electrodes can be supplied with current from both sides by a so-called ring line. Ring lines include all branches and outlets and provide a steady supply due to the two paths of conduction. This ensures that the system will continue to operate in case of an interruption of power supply due to external influences.

The system will be installed by qualified WiTRO`s employees, who are familiar with the necessary measurement techniques.